Would you like to:

  • Discipline with kindness and firmness?
  • Reduce power struggles?
  • Encourage personal responsibility?
  • Find more joy in parenting?

About Positive Discipline:

 Positive Discipline is based on the work of Jane Nelson, Ed.D., and has its roots in the works of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs.  Positive Discipline teaches adults to employ kindness and firmness at the same time, and is neither punitive nor permissive.  Through Positive Discipline, children develop cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline, and problem-solving skills.


Target Audience:


Parents and caretakers of children of any age who wish to:

  • Discipline with kindness and firmness
  • Reduce power struggles
  • Encourage personal responsibility
  • Find greater joy in parenting

Next Steps...

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