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Offering workshops, classes, and coaching for parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, youth workers, and others who wish to help children develop cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline, & problem-solving skills.

Learn to:

  • Discipline with kindness AND firmness
  • Reduce power struggles
  • Find greater joy in parenting

Gretchen Spratt

Gretchen Spratt

Parent Educator and Coach

Gretchen Spratt, Ed.M. Harvard University, CPDPE (Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator), is committed to empowering parents—and caregivers, teachers, youth workers, and others—through Positive Discipline’s common sense principles.  Having taught teenagers in public school for 10 years and now raising two children ages 13 and 8, Gretchen has expertise in the challenges and joys of parenting and working with children.  Her classes and workshops provide parents with information and support to raise capable, confident, and cooperative children.